Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy Thor's Day!

Thor... What do we know about Thor other than he was the son of Odin and God of War, Thunder, and Strength?  Well, let's explore him...

Thor was generally depicted as a good-natured, careless, head strong, adventurous, and never got tired of trying his strength.  Not only was he associated with thunder, strength and war, he was associated with oak trees, hallowing,healing, fertility and the protection of mankind.

Now, I'd like to think of Thor as you see him when he's played by Chris Hemsworth. You know the guy, long-ish hair, lots of muscles... Something to drool over.  This is what I see when I envision him at least. But you'll find that he's usually depicted as a red-haired, long bearded man in his prime.  So the image isn't too far off.

When I am working with Thor, I tend to take my time.  Like with Loki, I really never know what I am going to get when I work with Thor.  Being that he's a God of Asgard, and even though he feels to me like he's impatient, he still demands respect, time and patience.  There have been times where I have been impatient with him and I get nothing.  There are other times where I have been overly patient with Thor and have been shown new visions or felt a completely new feeling in reward for my patience. He's really quite fun to work with, especially during storms!  The storms bring a whole new meaning to working with Thor! 

I know that I've only touched on part of Thor in this blog but I promise, you'll see more where this came from!  Maybe the next installment I make on Thor should be about his hammer that keeps the Frost Giants away?

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Once again, Happy Thor's Day! ~*Fire*~

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  1. One of my favourite gods to work with in meditations... :) I find it literally electrifying sometimes and always feel very energised after working with him. I find it best to work with him when I'm starting new projects or need advice on how to deal with a situation.

    I have always pictured him looking similar to how Chris Hemsworth looks when playing him... which I do tend to agree is very very drool worthy! :)