Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Anubis is first seen in the Old Kingdom in pyramid texts. He was associated with the burial of kings and was the most important God of the Dead before Osiris replaced him during the Middle Kingdom.  During a funeral procession, the procession would be headed by Anubis. It was not heard of to have a funeral procession without him.  Often you would see in the tombs and pyramids pictures of Anubis taking part in the funeral rites of embalming and mummification. (See the picture below.)

Anubis is the God that protects the dead and brings them to the afterlife.  He is portrayed as a human with a black jackal head.  The color black is to symbolize the dead and decaying flesh.  Anubis is also portrayed in pictures to be guarding the tombs of the dead.

When I work with Anubis, I feel a very calming presence. Usually he is very patient and thorough.  He doesn't like to be rushed and there is a constant reminder from him to take my time, be conscience about my movements, and follow the ritual or spells to the letter.  He is very meticulous. When I need to work with him, he calls to me louder than any other God or Goddess in my pantheon.

Anubis has always been a large part of my pantheon as far back as I can remember.  I really believe that his presence is so noted because of my past lives in Egypt.

Have any of you worked with Anubis?  I'd love to hear stories of your work with him!


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