The Sisters Elemental began as a group of close friends ~ we met online several years ago, but when we finally met in person, we quickly realized we had an amazing (and we mean A-MAZ-ING) energy together. Strange things can happen when we get together, LOL!!

Together we are Earth & Fire. We have met many of our counterpart element sisters.

I'm Anne, and am very drawn to the earth and have spent over two decades with herbalism and natural healing as a hobby. It has become who I am . . . greenchild. You may also know me from my Etsy shop, Greenchild Creations, where I offer cloth diapers, natural skin care, and crafty things. :) I am also the author of Cavemom's Cooking, my paleo cookbook, sharing my son's story.  
I'm Tiff! Contrary to my element, my focus here at The Sisters Elemental is bath salts and soaks. I love making new combinations to be use for relaxation, energization, and everything in between. All of my items are made with love and charged specifically by me for the use that they were made for such as relaxation, etc. I'm excited to share the natural healing I've been using with my family, now with you! :-)

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