Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Earthy thoughts . . .

Our Fire Sister has been after me for awhile to write an introductory post about myself and the Earth element.  It took me a long time to figure out what exactly to write about; why I’m connected most strongly to the earth, or how, or any other of what seemed like a billion ideas that occurred to me.

Do I start with the name I’ve made for myself - “greenchild” or that I’ve been a High Priestess in a far past life, and hung for being a Healer (aka witch) in a more recent one? I’m able to call upon that knowledge when I need it, but it’s not my focus in this life.  So then I thought, I can write about what IS my focus in this life that has to do with the Earth.  It’s still healing, that is what I do, what I am.  In this life my focus is on nutrition; getting back to what the Earth has to offer rather than what I like to call “FDA-approved non-foods”.  My son is my catalyst in this life.  He has special needs, and diet plays an enormous role.  Because of him, we follow what’s called the paleo or caveman diet.  It is quite simple even though it sounds complex – dairy-free, grain-free, legume-free, and nightshade-free.  That eliminates most of the Standard American Diet, so unfortunately many people are unwilling to give it a try – “life with no pizza, no cookies, no candy? You MUST be joking!”

homemade bacon, maple-glazed
rutabaga & parsnips, apple slices
Again, it sounds complex but isn’t.  We keep a garden in the summer; we shop in the produce aisle and eat whole fresh foods.  We got to know our local farmers and get antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grass fed, pastured meat from them rather than the grocery store.  The results have been more than well worth any trouble!  We visit ~*Fire*~ quite often, and we have an understanding – when we’re there, I take over the kitchen.  If anyone remembers the reality show Tabitha's Salon Takeover - it's like that: "I'm ~*Earth*~, and I'm TAKING OVER!" :)

roast turkey and mashed parsnips
with rosemary & garlic, spiced
cranberry sauce, apple slices
This allowed her family to sample the paleo diet on occasion and see just how easy it really is.  And you know what . . . LOL, they now follow it as well!  Does this mean the paleo diet is the “only” way to go?  No.  From what I’ve learned and observed – it’s best to get energy from one source  - either meat+meat fats, or grains.  But not both.  When meat and grains are consumed together, problems arise, both short and long term.  Of course, please consult with your medical practitioner, who will probably tell you I’m full of crap.  ;-) In the meantime, I've uploaded a pics of a couple delicious meals . . .

Does our food clog our spirituality?  I believe so.  When our bodies are filled with wastes and toxins, it slows things down.  Our energy is sluggish.  We have to work harder to connect with our spirituality and many find they *need* to do cleansing rituals first.  It’s recommended to always start with cleansing – it’s not just to cleanse us of our negative emotions, but of the negativity energy that builds up because our bodies cannot release it as easily as we should be able to.  A healthy diet free of toxins and wastes means the body can do what it’s meant to do instead of using too much energy to eliminate the bad: accept and utilize the loving, nourishing energy provided from the ultimate source, enabling us to better send that loving, nourishing energy back out to the universe to help those who need it.

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