Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos

The Day of the Dead, November 1, traditionally the day after Halloween. All Saint's Day, Catholicism  being November 2.

This is a day where, traditonally, in Mexico, there is a huge celebration to remember the dead. They have in the past set up private altars, with sugar skulls, favorite beverages and foods of the deceased, marigolds, and some possessions to honor their loved ones past.

Usually this is a three day process, in which the grave is cleaned, decorated and those honoring are saying prayers, telling stories, etc. The idea is that by doing this, the souls of those departed will hear the prayers of the living and come visit. The veil is the thinnest around this time, which makes visiting easier.

Oft times here in the States, usually further south in Arizona, or Texas, there are parades and participants usually dress up! Much like children do on Halloween. This is honorary, and many dress up as skeletons.

I hope you all have a wonderful celebration for your loved ones past! As well as I hope you have a great Samhain! I really fell more connected now with this than I did in the past. Life is ever changing and we can't always predict how something will affect us.

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