Monday, January 7, 2013

Ramblings by ~*Spirit*~

So many different things and topics to think about and want to post about that today, it's just going to be a ramble of everything on my mind and what's going on in my life.

In regards to the homestead, we're tearing down the cabin. The hubby has already started removing items out of the cabin and tomorrow we will start taking it down, reusing the good wood and burning the rest. Then we'll start the slow process of rebuilding :)

I have my garden all planned out, perhaps a bit too big I'm thinking. I'm pretty sure the garden I have planned could feed everyone on my road, which is ok I guess. We want to put bushels of extra produce next to the road for friends to use. Pay it forward kind of thing... The amount of dirt we will need (the soil here is no bueno) is astronomical. We will be doing a raised garden bed and we considered wood and then cinder blocks, however that's all going to cost a pretty penny as well. Our new idea is to use the trees on our property. There are a few that need to come down and I will make the raised beds out of those. Will look fantastic.

I need to start looking around for herb seeds and the seeds for our garden. I don't want anything that's been previously GMO'd or whatnot, just pure organic seeds. I am stoked about my herb garden, cannot wait to get that going and to get my indoor herbs going once the cabin is finished. I hope it doesn't take forever to build....summer is my goal right now. We're pretty simplistic when it comes to living, so just one super large square home and I'll take care of the interior ;)

Since waiting on the cabin before thinking of having more kids is the responsible thing to do, I'm focusing on my health. I have dabbled in Paleo for the past year, however I went full paleo since 12/12/12. I did that on purpose, and at the same time... I didn't, it just kinda happened LOL! Almost a month in and I'm still going through a pretty good detox. Took years to poison the body, now it's taking time to readjust it to a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully the detoxing symptoms will be gone in another month at the most. Here's hoping...

Something that has been on my mind lately is the bracelet I received from 3 Strands. I love what it stands for, and when I got the bracelet, I also received the name of the lovely woman who made it, and who is a survivor of her past ♥ Check em out!
My bracelet looks like this, but without the tan color in it. Super sturdy, and beautiful and it just makes me happy that this company exists to help women and children!

That's enough ramblings from ~*Spirit*~ Till next time, Blessings!

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