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Elemental Meditation by ~*Spirit*~

Elemental Meditation by ~*Spirit*~
As with all things, you may have different correspondences. Do what works best for you, as it's your spirituality and your path.

Stability, food, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, strength, grounding, protecting, nature, death/rebirth, the body, fertility, birth, healing, empathy, strength, practical wisdom.

You're in a forest, standing with tall trees all around. The weather is exactly how you like it. Feel the breeze on your skin. Place your hands on the trunk of the tree in front of you. Close your eyes. Feel your arms, body and legs turn into limbs from the tree. Feel the roots going into the ground. What do you need from the element of Earth? Visualize it coming to fruition. Feel Earth's energy sweeping through your body and into the ground as you are connected to the tree.
Other visualizations: If you don't like the idea of turning your body into the tree, imagine it filling up with dirt, or leaves that are falling off the tree (or whatever else works for you).

Mind, mental and psychic work, intuition, knowledge, abstract thought, wind, breath, clouds, inspiration, hearing, herbal knowledge, plant growth, purification, freedom, revealing truth, finding lost things, instruction, telepathy, memory, learning the secrets of the dead, zen meditation, new beginnings, illuminations.

Now you are standing on a mountain, or possibly a high cliff. The wind is blowing fiercely  Your arms are raised above your head and you can feel the wind whipping between each finger. Your clothing is being blown against your body, off to the East. Think of your intentions for Air, and that those intentions are being blown into the East, the corresponding direction to it's element.

Energy, sexuality, passions, love, authority, transformation, purification, candle flames, sun, blood, healing, destruction, will, creativity, flame, heat, bonfires, hearth fires, protection, courage, strength, physical exercise, self-knowledge, loyalty, vision, illumination, power.

Standing in the middle of a ring of fire, the sky is black. The flames are shooting higher than you're standing and the heat is intense. As you're flowing with the dance of the flames you turn into one. Feel the heat and energy encompass you, and the intention of what you need Fire to do.

Emotions, feelings, love, courage, the unconscious mind, intuition, the womb, marriage, friendship,happiness, dreams, sleep, healing, menstruation, fertility, cleansing, purification, vision quests, self-healing, sorrow, reflection, psychic ability, oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, springs and wells.

Diving deep into the ocean, you feel the water ripple over every muscle of your body. You come upon a large rock sitting on the sea bed. Place both hands upon the rock and allow the water to wash over you in waves of the intention you need from Water. Feel the ocean's energy encompass you.
Alternative: You can sit/lay next to or into a creek bed. Place your hand in the water and feel the smooth pebbles and focus on the way the water moves between your fingers. If your whole body is in it, feel the water wash over you.

Encompasses everything. A final send off. Your soul.
You're standing in the middle of four pillars (each representative of the Elements). Your body turns into a violet flame as you feel purity and peace wash over you. Stay here for as long as you like, feeling each element and your true self. Know that what you've asked for, will happen.

Correspondences taken off of this webpage.

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