Monday, July 30, 2012


Faeries are strange little creatures!  Most of the time, they're just considered something that comes out of folklore and cultural myths.  Around my house, we believe they exist.  Especially when things go missing!

There have been times in the last few months that keys will go missing, or more recently the belt clip for my husband's phone disappeared. Even this last week they were causing problems around my house with a friend that had stayed here because we were gone for the week at County Fair.  She ended up leaving some chocolate wine and the shenanigans stopped! (I've made a mental note to myself that we need to leave a peace offering for them when we know we're going to be gone for a few days.)  Normally the faeries around my house are just quiet or mischievous. This was the first time that they've been naughty!
Pictures are from the Faerie Oracle Cards illustrated by Brian Froud

Myth and legend says that faeries are humanoid looking creatures, not necessarily with the tiny wings that we always seem to envision them with. I love how Brian Froud depicts the fae.  They are not always beautiful, they are sometimes ugly but they are always honest and truthful, even if in a round about way!  They are usually fond of music, drink, nature, and shiny things. They are so loved and believed in that societies have reports of seeing them regularly. In Ireland they are so believed in that roads were actually rerouted to avoid disturbing the faerie mounds!

The Green Woman card from the Faerie Oracle cards illustrated by Brian Froud

Like the three of us sisters have talked about before, all of the legends that we all hear about (vampires, werewolves, leprechauns, faeries, etc.) all came about around the same age and were spanned across multiple cultures.  How can we say that these things don't or didn't exist when there are so many different stories told about these things?  Personally, I believe that all these this exist.  I believe that they still are out in this world if we only open our minds and hearts to see them.

What do you think? Let us know!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

HOW many lives?

What is your immediate thought when you hear the words past life? Is it a thought of emotion? Or a thought that screams ridiculousness? Many have different aspects and views on this topic. I for one, wholeheartedly believe in past lives, for numerous reasons.
These are my sisters. Not just in this life, but in several past lives as well. And by sisters, I don't mean related family sisters, I simply mean there is a connection so deep that we are drawn to one another.
A sense of deja vu simply means you've been somewhere, had the same conversation, smelled that particular smell, and many number of things before. You can't explain it, but you know it's connected to you somehow. It's because in a previous life, altered state, etc. you've done those things, smelled those smells.

This is how it is with my sisters. We are connected on a spiritual level. They are familiar, for no other reason than, I've known them before. How do I know? Well, let me tell you a story! LOL Hold on tight kids, this is a wild ride.

In the Tudor Era, King Henry VIII was known for his ruthlessness, yes? However, he had a soft spot for one person, who never had the chance to lose his love, Lady Jane. His only son, Edward was born from her.
My sister, Fire, and I have had many talks about this, and it's second nature to remember the love Jane had for Henry. Jane is a very prominent past life for me. I, she, was the love he lost. The love that ultimately led to his insanity, and depression. Our sister, Earth, was there also, as the doctor who tried to save Jane using techniques that should have deemed her a witch; yet, Jane wouldn't have any harm come to her.

Past lives are tricky, but this one, this one sticks like glue to my memory. I didn't have to search long and hard to uncover this past life, it literally came to me in a dream that was more real than any other dream. One that, when I woke up left me saddened and discontented knowing now, what I couldn't have known then.
So, friends, don't dismiss those feelings of longing for a place you've never been, but KNOW you were there, or the scent of something you know you should have no knowledge of. Asking your guides for help, meditating, or even a regression could help you uncover a life lurking just beneath the surface. Yes, you can say, I'm full of bull, and to many they would agree with you. I know only what I feel, and I feel that past lives are real. I'm not asking you to believe because I do, just search your heart, open your mind, and make your own conclusions.

You cannot learn all there is to learn in only one lifetime. You must live several lives, in many situations to uncover and learn everything you've been sent here to learn.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, you call yourself a Witch?

With all that's going on in the world today, you call yourself a witch?
Knowing the past of witches, you still call yourself a witch?

What is a witch? A witch is anyone who uses ritual, charms, spells, and invoking spirits in their daily life.
Well, now, that includes a whole lot of people doesn't it?
 Many religions, including main stream ones, use rituals (use of the rosary, communion), charms (necklaces, rings, etc), spells (could even be considered prayer), and invoking spirits (calling on Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, etc).

What happened when one was considered a witch? Well, the Salem witch trials is one of the most famous witch slaughters documented. Many were drown, hanged, stoned, etc. for no more than having a broom, or an elixir to help an illness, or rash.

Now, I know today, there are laws and things in place to help stop hate crimes, but they still occur. People still hate what they have now knowledge of. So, is it worth it to call yourself a witch?

Knowing that you'll be ridiculed and shunned, is it worth it?
Are you strong enough, and willing to have people look at you and snicker?
Isn't it just ok to call yourself Spiritual, instead of Wiccan, Pagan, or a Witch?

Make no mistake, this isn't a blog to spit idiocy or hate, I too am a Pagan.
I am proud of who I am, and do not feel ashamed. However, living where I live I must be quiet about who I really am, due to a small town of small minds.



Welcome to the new blog!  We hope you enjoy your time here! :-)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Another GREAT book by Laura DeLuca!

Phantom, is about a shy teenager girl who auditions for one of her favorite characters in her favorite play!
And just like in the play, book, movie, people start disappearing, dying, etc.

Becca has no idea why or how all of this started, and she's determined not to let it affect her performance. Shy and naive, she is now the center of a competition between two boys she seriously likes. She knows she should go with the safe bet, but there's something that's so alluring with the danger presented by her very own Phantom.

It's really the play come to live in this book, by Laura DeLuca! Becca is in love with both boys, who are cast the main male roles beside her in the play. Decisions are so difficult, she almost quits. Just when you think things have calmed down, they start right back up again. Becca's mind is reeling trying to understand why these things are happening, when both boys she cares about tell her they have nothing to do with the horrible accidents that have occurred.

Desperate, her friends even start to turn on her. She has no idea what to do, and now no one to turn too. The opening night of the play isn't too far off, and they still have a killer on the lose, and no leads! How is she supposed to pretend like everything is fine? People she cares about are in danger, and they aren't any closer to stopping the lunatic on the loose.

Laura is an amazing author who's style of writing keeps you hooked til the very end. And with this book, you will be SHOCKED when the book comes to an end.

Great job, Laura, cannot wait to read more!

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