Monday, July 9, 2012

Another GREAT book by Laura DeLuca!

Phantom, is about a shy teenager girl who auditions for one of her favorite characters in her favorite play!
And just like in the play, book, movie, people start disappearing, dying, etc.

Becca has no idea why or how all of this started, and she's determined not to let it affect her performance. Shy and naive, she is now the center of a competition between two boys she seriously likes. She knows she should go with the safe bet, but there's something that's so alluring with the danger presented by her very own Phantom.

It's really the play come to live in this book, by Laura DeLuca! Becca is in love with both boys, who are cast the main male roles beside her in the play. Decisions are so difficult, she almost quits. Just when you think things have calmed down, they start right back up again. Becca's mind is reeling trying to understand why these things are happening, when both boys she cares about tell her they have nothing to do with the horrible accidents that have occurred.

Desperate, her friends even start to turn on her. She has no idea what to do, and now no one to turn too. The opening night of the play isn't too far off, and they still have a killer on the lose, and no leads! How is she supposed to pretend like everything is fine? People she cares about are in danger, and they aren't any closer to stopping the lunatic on the loose.

Laura is an amazing author who's style of writing keeps you hooked til the very end. And with this book, you will be SHOCKED when the book comes to an end.

Great job, Laura, cannot wait to read more!

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