Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, you call yourself a Witch?

With all that's going on in the world today, you call yourself a witch?
Knowing the past of witches, you still call yourself a witch?

What is a witch? A witch is anyone who uses ritual, charms, spells, and invoking spirits in their daily life.
Well, now, that includes a whole lot of people doesn't it?
 Many religions, including main stream ones, use rituals (use of the rosary, communion), charms (necklaces, rings, etc), spells (could even be considered prayer), and invoking spirits (calling on Jesus, Mary, St. Michael, etc).

What happened when one was considered a witch? Well, the Salem witch trials is one of the most famous witch slaughters documented. Many were drown, hanged, stoned, etc. for no more than having a broom, or an elixir to help an illness, or rash.

Now, I know today, there are laws and things in place to help stop hate crimes, but they still occur. People still hate what they have now knowledge of. So, is it worth it to call yourself a witch?

Knowing that you'll be ridiculed and shunned, is it worth it?
Are you strong enough, and willing to have people look at you and snicker?
Isn't it just ok to call yourself Spiritual, instead of Wiccan, Pagan, or a Witch?

Make no mistake, this isn't a blog to spit idiocy or hate, I too am a Pagan.
I am proud of who I am, and do not feel ashamed. However, living where I live I must be quiet about who I really am, due to a small town of small minds.


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