Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I wish I understood life and it's reasons. LOL Doesn't everybody? I"m pretty sure you don't have to be a Christian to be a good person! How many people actually know what a Pagan is? I'd say mainly only the ones that are. It's not so much a religion to me as it is being thankful for what you have, blessing the Earth for it's gifts, and giving back!

Pagan is such a loose term for everything that encompasses it. For me, as example, I was raised Baptist, and yet, while I hold true to a lot of my Christian upbringing, I now hold true many many more things. Like reincarnation, and spells and incantations (which are nothing more than prayers, and blessings), and many many more.

When I mow my yard I thank the grass for growing enough to allow me to trim it. As silly as it is, the nicer you talk to your plants, grass, etc. the better they'll grow.

I have this amazing opportunity with The Sisters Elemental, to grow and learn and be a part of a society that has a terrible name. When it's not terrible at all! I am thankful that God, Gods, Goddess, Divine, Gaia, etc. (whatever you want to call your Divine) that I have met some amazing friends who have helped me grow.

I am also drawn to keeping up with this blog more, as a way to connect more personally, of course through ramblings, with everyone out in the Pagan community. Right now I"m only talking to myself, as I have only two followers, but I hope that through this course and journey I will gain, and have many wise things to tell you.


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