Friday, April 20, 2012

Far Away lands.

In an alternate plane, a land of myth, there lives and thrives creatures of old. 
Where unicorns play, and mermaids splash, and leprechauns hide their gold.
Come play with us, as our minds take us away
A short time only are we allowed to play.

Close your eyes, and imagine the meadow, beautifully laced in flowers,
See the land through innocent eyes, and where witches have real powers.
Powers spread the joy and love, and harm not even one.
Their only rule is that when you leave, you leave no damage done.

Drift away inside your mind, and feel the warmest breeze,
The beauty you will come to, will bring you to your knees.
The mother is the Earth, and her children all that are on it
And when the moon shines bright and high, everything is lit.

Follow your heart, and let it guide you, it never lets you stray.
Open your mind and reach up your arms, and feel them start to sway.
You'll dance with fairies, and pixies, their wings will touch your soul
When the dance is done, they'll leave you, frolicking around the knoll.

When your reverie is over, and your eyes are open wide
You'll start to notice little things that will trigger the other side.
Not all is lost on this plane, there are many creatures here,
Remembering with an open mind will always keep them near.

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