Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ostara by ~*Spirit*~

It’s that time again for another Sabbat! This is one I am especially excited for because it marks the beginning of Spring, which I love!! After a bland winter my soul gets itchy to be outside and see all the beautiful colors that Mother Earth has to share with us. This sabbat is Ostara, and a special note as it’s also my youngest daughter’s birthday.

The spring equinox is called by many names: Ostara, Oestara, Eostre’s Day, Rite of Eostre, Alban Elir, Festival of the Trees (I like that one lol) and Lady Day. It is known as one of the lesser sabbats, however I think solstices and equinoxes have added punch to their power through the energy of the universe, as on this day, the night and day are of equal lengths.

A quick tip on remembering which are the main sabbats and which are the lesser are the dates:
Solstices & Equinoxes (lesser sabbats) (March 21, June 21, September 21, December 21) – all on or close to the 21st.
4 Major Imbolc Feb 2, Beltane May 1, Lammas Aug 1 and Samhain 31 – First or last day of the month, barring Imbolc.

Winter is a time where everything is dead and/or dormant. Spring is when everything is brought back to life, so for spell work, Ostara is the time to invoke those qualities/personalities into your life that you are wanting and letting go of those that you don’t want with the passing winter. This is the perfect time to renew yourself and find balance within.

An example of a great spell/ritual that you can do on Ostara is to take some old leaves, write on them qualities that you wish to get rid of and plant it in the ground to “ground out” those qualities. You can also do the same thing but plant it with a seedling, yet these words are to qualities that you want to bring forth in your life, as the plant grows, the abundance will flow to you.

The symbolisms for Ostara are much the same as Easter, eggs (fertility/abundance), rabbits (fertility) and fertility in and of itself is the embodiment of LIFE, which spring is all about bringing the earth back to life.

Here is an explanation of the word Ostara and Easter in comparison from The Real Witches Handbook, by Kate West:
It is no coincidence that the name for this Sabbat sounds similar to the word “Easter”. Eostre, or Ostara, is an Anglo-Saxon Dawn Goddess whose symbols are the egg and the hare. She, in turn, is the European version of the Goddess Ishtar or Astarte, whose worship dates back thousands of years and is certainly pre-Christian. Eostre also lives on in our medical language in the words “oestrous’ (the sexual impulse in female animals) and ‘oestrogen’ (a female hormone).

Now in my personal life, I have been blessed with seeing rabbits the other day. One had just given birth and I saw it’s babies! I also watched as two more female rabbits made their nests and I got to learn a bit about the nature of rabbits as well. The whole time I just smiled and kept thinking, “Well, Ostara IS coming up…,” seeing what you believe in IN action is pretty cool. I felt honored to have experienced that so close to the sabbat that embodies it.

Now before I forget, this is also the time to get planting! Fertility isn’t just for the cute little bunnies and other critters, it’s for us to reap the benefits of our own gardening.

I’m not going to list animal/color/candle/herb/oil/food correspondences because I believe we each walk a unique path and what’s right for one isn’t right for another.

Enjoy this Blessed time! ~*Spirit*~

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