Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our First Book Review!

As our readers know, we have a couple friends that are authors. And damn good authors at that!  One of our friends, Tara Chevrestt has two personas that she writes under.  The first being Tara and the second being Sonia Hightower. Tara writes the sweeter, tamer genres and Sonia writes more on the naughty, erotic side! The book I reviewed for our dear friend is called Grapes of Lust. 

Here's the blurb on the book from Amazon, but if you visit Sonia's blog, Book Babe, you can see more on the book itself.

It’s a dark and stormy night, and two lonely souls are drinking alone at Vespera’s Vineyard. Circumstances force them to share a table, and they can either drown in their sorrows or breathe in the instant attraction.

Celia thinks she should continue to grieve, but Nicholas and his injury touches a part of her soul.

Can they move on and embrace life again? Can lust replace wrath and sadness? Will what happens at Vespera’s continue outside the vineyard?

Our thoughts: 

Sonia's short story is something that you can read quickly and find yourself fantasizing about being in Celia's shoes.

In this story two people who are having themselves a little solo pity party are shoved together and find lust together. Something of which they have both needed in their lives at that moment. I love that Sonia left us an open ending to this story. Maybe one day we'll find out what happened after Celia and Nicholas' short time together!

This short story is worth taking the time to read it! It's a quick read at only 23 pages but it's the story that those pages tell that will have you mesmerized and wanting more!


Written by ~*Fire*~

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