Thursday, April 4, 2013

Food and Spirituality

Food affects not only our bodies, what we eat also affects our mood and our spirituality.  Eating healthy helps keeps the energy channels open.  I've heard many people say they prefer to go meatless for spirituality; feeling more open, less clogged.  Some prefer to go grain-free, with the same result.  Personally I fall into the grain-free category.  When our bodies are bogged down with built-up wastes it can be hard to be in a good mood, feel energetic, work on our spirituality; it can be hard to connect with anything if we're not feeling good.

Cooking, for me, is not only a way to feed my family food, but to feed them love and positive energy as well.  Every meal is prepared with love.  Not just the love that goes into creating a dish, but stemming all the way back to either growing the food ourselves, or lovingly picking it out for purchase. 

photo courtesy of BeverlyLR
Call me crazy, but I think it makes a difference in not just how we prepare it but also how we obtain our food.  In the store hurriedly tossing whatever looks somewhat good into the cart vs. carefully selecting our items; part of the careful selection includes reading ingredient labels, or picking out the produce that looks/feels most fresh.  Some would argue they don't have time for all that nonsense . . . but they may easily make up that time by sitting in a doctor's office for various illnesses. 

What do you think?  Do you pay special attention when selecting food to eat?  Do you prepare meals with thoughts of love?


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