Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What you've been waiting for!

Here's the blog that I promised last week. :-)

Canada was exciting, relaxing, and kind of eye opening for us (well, at least me since I can't speak for Earth really). It was exciting because I was experiencing something that I never thought that I would. Relaxing because who wouldn't relax and feel rejuvenated after spending a whole week in nature, on the water, and in the blissful quiet? I fell asleep every night to the sound of the water lapping the shore of our little island! Eye opening because I realized, Earth and I could very easily live together with out killing each other after a few days.  It really seemed like the week flew by with the blissful quiet. Here are some pictures...

View of the lake from the cabin the first night.  Our husbands went out fishing, we got the kiddos down for the night and went on a little walk about getting pictures of the sunset! 

My hubby and middle kiddo getting the boat ready to go fishin' after dinner one night! 

Such a beautiful full moon reflecting on the lake... We had such a hard time getting pictures of the moon but this one turned out amazing! 

A view from the front of the island. 

Welcome to the island! 

What vacation album would be complete with out Earth's Lola? She was loving the attention and time outside to just run!   

Another beautiful sunset! Look at the colors you get! 

Earth and her kiddo in a ring sling! This was out on the big rock where we did some fishing, ritual work, pictures, and just chilling out!

Earth took this one the morning the guys got up at 5a to go fishing.  Beautiful sunrise over the bay! 

Not the greatest picture, but the blood moon in person was something to see.  It was so beautiful! 

Earth's picture of me... Yup, I think she's a great photographer and very artistic! 

Last one!  Earth took this picture of me, hubby and kiddos for our Yule/Christmas cards this year! Gotta love the BIG rock! 

 As you can see from just this small sampling of pictures (there's about 350 more from the trip!), it was beautiful! It was so hard to leave and get back in civilization.  As I sit and type this out, I hear vehicles, highway noise, construction noise, and other environmental noises.  It drowns out all the natural noises that I love to hear.  Hopefully we'll be able to get back up to the island with Earth, her hubby, and kiddo in the spring for Memorial Day weekend! :-)  

Hope you enjoyed the pictures just as much as we enjoyed taking them! 

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