Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need A Good Book? Read Destiny Unveiled!

Author Laura DeLuca is one of the best Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Witchy. . . Well, hell, you name it, she can write it! I am so honored to be friends with such a blessed and gifted author! She truly has a talent that is hard to come by these days. Reading a book is amazing, being drawn into their world, their lives, etc. is SPECTACULAR! I am an avid reader, and I cannot imagine a day where a good book is hard to find!

Destiny was fantastic, I thought, there is no way to top this! Boy, was I wrong! Destiny Unveiled, threw me for more than one loop during the duration of my reading adventure! Darron and Gabby were thrown to and fro, not just in their relationships with friends and family, but with their inner selves as well! I said it before, being a teen is hard enough, being a teen witch? Holy Moses man!

I am refusing to go too in depth here, as I don't' want to give ANYTHING away about this book, but all I can say is, your jaw will HIT THE GROUND when you realize what is being unveiled, and how it's going to happen! I kept shaking my head, saying to myself, "this can't get any better." Only to be proven desperately wrong at every turn!

I laughed at Flora and her mostly inappropriate and horribly times comments. I cried with Gabby struggling to do what she thought was right where family was concerned. I pleaded with Darron to make better choices. And was heartbroken at times for Monte, and rejoiced at his humor and strength. The bad guys were just that, BAD! And then one or two of those bad guys made sacrifices that didn't make them seem so horrible!

This book definitely pulls at your heart strings and makes you feel like you're right there with Gabby in Miami, struggling for life, justice, and humanity. I promise that by reading both Destiny and Destiny Unveiled, you will not go wrong! I cannot wait to finish Phantom by Laura DeLuca also!

I am hooked! A lifetime fan, who has the privilege of being friends with this wonderful person and author!
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  1. Thanks so much, Stephanie! I think I might cry...seriously. You can't imagine how much your support means to me!